Text message confirmations & appointment reminders

The Bookedin text messaging feature is available in Canada 🇨🇦, USA 🇺🇸, Australia 🇦🇺 and Great Britain🇬🇧. Please give us a shout if you'd like to vote for text support in your country.

A friendly text message from Bookedin will help your clients stay organized and drastically reduce no-shows. Bookedin's automated text message appointment reminders system sends out five different kinds of text messages / SMS to your clients:

1. Immediately when appointment gets booked:


Learn how to disable this message here.

2. X days prior to appointment reminder:


  • you can edit which day in your settings (see below)
  • clients can reply "YES" to confirm
  • clients can reply "NO" to cancel, but this part of the message will only appear if you allow cancellations
  • once confirmed, a check ✔ mark will appear in your calendar
  • if your client cancels, they'll see a link to reschedule and you'll receive a notification. All cancellations get tracked on the client's profile.

If you do not allow cancellations prior to your appointments your:

  • clients can reply "YES" to confirm
  • call "your business number" to reschedule or cancel
  • if your business number is not listed/missing on your online business page they will be asked to email your business to reschedule or cancel


 3. If the appointment gets rescheduled

4. If the appointment gets cancelled

5. A few hours prior to appointment reminder:


Note: the "hours prior" text reminder is sent to your client depending on the start-time of their appointment. We designed our system to send out the text at 3 convenient times: early in the morning (but not too early!), during lunch, and after dinner. Here's how those 3 batches work:

  • 8:00am reminder: for appointments between 1:00pm - 6:59pm TODAY
  • 12:15pm reminder: for appointments booked between 7:00pm - 11:59pm TODAY
  • 7:00pm reminder: for appointments between 12:00am - 12:59pm NEXT DAY

How to edit text message settings:

  • Sign in to Bookedin web (settings not visible in mobile app at this time)
  • Go to settings > email/text reminders section (top menu)
  • Adjust your text message & cancellation policy settings (screenshot below)


Learn how to turn on/off text messages for specific clients here.

Your clients will see the incoming text message from the following phone #:

  • USA: 415-854-0587
  • Canada: 647-360-5710
  • UK: +44 7893 947570
  • Australia: +61 482 098 220