Turn off initial appointment confirmation

Each time an appointment is booked, we automatically send a confirmation text and email to your client. If you're new to Bookedin and inputting a bunch of appointments, you may want to turn this setting off temporarily to avoid sending out a large number of confirmations as you get setup. Here's how:

  • Sign in to Bookedin web (not mobile app) 
  • go to Settings > Email/Text reminders screen (top menu) 
  • uncheck "Send text confirmation when the appointment is booked..." 
  • uncheck "Send email confirmation when the appointment is booked..."
  • Now go back to your calendar and finish inputting all of your appointments
  • When you're all done, return to the Settings > Email/Text Reminders screen and turn back on the two settings. This will re-activate the initial booking confirmation which is great for all new clients booking online, or any clients you book within the app.