Email confirmations & reminders

Bookedin automatically sends your client 3 different emails: one appointment confirmation and two reminder emails. These can be turned on/off and customized by logging in to your web account

(Note: if you're looking for our text message reminders, check out this help article)

Confirmation email:


Reminder emails:

  • Bookedin sends 2 reminder emails: one days prior, another hours prior to the appointment.
  • You can adjust the days prior email: anywhere between 1-14 days. (default is 3)
  • Both reminder emails can be turned off (default is on)
  • If the service has the "Pay Later" feature turned on, and the client still owes for the appointment, a "Pay Now" button is included
  • If you have added a personal message, it will appear in the gray box


How to edit email settings:

  1. Log in to Bookedin web (must be done via web login, not mobile app) 
  2. Go to Settings > Email/Text Reminders (top menu)
  3. Under the Email Reminders section, check or uncheck the "Send email confirmation" and "Send email reminder" options (default is checked)
  4. Turn on/off or alter the timing of the reminders. Note: If a booking is created after the reminder email would have been sent, the booking is automatically confirmed, and no reminder email is sent to your client.
  5. Edit your cancellation policy (optional)
  6. Add your email address to be BCC'd on all client emails (optional)
  7. Add a personalized email message (optional)
  8. Send yourself a test email
  9. Click Save Changes