Set up your services

Follow these steps to add new or edit existing services:


(scroll down for desktop/tablet instructions)

  1. Launch the Bookedin mobile app, then tap the Settings menu
  2. Now tap Services
  3. Now tap to edit an existing service or add a new one
  4. Now edit your service information! We recommend you write a compelling description and fill in as much detail as possible. For a full explanation of all of the settings scroll to the bottom of this page. 


  1. Log in to Bookedin 
  2. In the top menu, go to Settings > Services 
  3. Hit the Add New Service button, or to modify an existing service, hit Edit beside that service.
  4. You'll now see the service edit screen where you can customize all of the settings! Explanation of all settings listed below. 


  • Service Name: Required. This will display on your public Online Booking Page.
  • Description: Optional. This will also display on your public Online Booking Page. Write a few sentences about your service, and everything that's included. 
  • Category: Optional. This will help to organize your services on your public Online Booking Page.
  • Duration: Required. Can be 5 minutes to 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • Price: Optional, but required if you choose to collect online payments for this service.
  • Make public: Lets you hide or display the service on your public online booking page. Handy for seasonal services, or services you prefer to book yourself via the private scheduler. 
  • Payment Options: Adds online payment processing to this service. There are two different types of payments: required up-front payments, or a pay later option called "Request payment after booking is made". For this, your clients will see a green "Pay now" button after they book, in their confirmation email, and in the reminder email. Learn more about setting up online payments
  • Lead Time: Can be any number of minutes. This setting prevents last minute bookings. Ex: if you need one hour notice before a new booking, set lead time to 60 minutes. If you need 12 hours notice, set lead time to 720 minutes. 
  • Advanced Booking Options: 
    Break Time: Optional. Handy for travel time, clean up or preparing for the next appointment. Adds X minutes to the service duration.
    Lead Time: Default is 60 minutes. Make this 0 minutes if you are OK with accepting last minute bookings. Make this longer, (ex. 540 min) if you prefer clients to book in advance.
  • Available Calendars: (may say "available doctors" or another custom term for your industry). Make sure to check or un-check your calendars based on the service.