BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Required up-front payments

Add a required payment to any of your public services. Clients will be forced to pay online to book their appointment. This is a VERY popular feature with BookedIN and is handy for reducing no-shows. ;)

What your clients see:

  • Clients picks an appointment time/date on your Online Booking Webpage
  • The required fee is listed on the booking form:
  • Client fills in booking form, then clicks Book It
  • Payment screen appears: client can pay using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover or Visa debit. 


  • Finally, once payment is complete, your client receives a booking confirmation email and text message. You'll see the appointment appear in your calendar and receive an email & in-app notification. The client receives and automatic payment receipt and the payment gets tracked on their profile. 
  • NOTE: If your client does NOT complete payment, the appointment does not get booked. A "pending payment" box in your calendar will disappear and the time slot will be freed up for someone else to book. 
Now here's how to set things up! Setup can be performed on the web or mobile apps. 

Web Setup Instructions (scroll down for mobile app)

1. Connect BookedIN to PayPal 
Follow these steps to connect your PayPal to BookedIN.
2. Add the required up-front payment to each service

  • On the edit screen, click Payment Options (see below)
  • Check Pay up-front (public only) 
  • Check full payment, or deposit
  • Check or un-check the Refund automatically if booking is cancelled as you see fit. Regardless of this setting, you'll still be able to perform refunds in your client payment history within BookedIN.
  • Optional: check Pay Later if you want any balance owing to be collected via client confirmation/reminder emails
  • Ensure the total price of your service is correct
  • Save
  • Repeat for other services 

Mobile App Setup Instructions

1. Connect BookedIN to PayPal 
Follow these steps to connect your PayPal to BookedIN.
2. Add the required up-front payment to each service
  • Launch Android or iPhone app
  • Tap the settings menu
  • Tap Services

  • Tap on your service name (ex. 2 Hour Session), then tap Payment Options
  • Turn on Pay up front (public only), then type in the payment amount (equal or lower than the full price of the service)
  • Optional step: If you're only collecting a deposit payment up front (ex. $20 required up front for a $100 service) you can also turn on the Pay later setting. This will add a big "PAY NOW" button to the client emails, allowing them to pay the outstanding balance any time. This is also great if you sometimes book the clients in yourself via the private scheduler. 
  • Repeat for any other services if desired
NOTE: to edit your "auto-refund if cancelled" setting, please sign in via the web app.