Calendar sync troubleshooting

Here are common issues & fixes for setting up your calendar sync

  1. Slow initial sync: If your personal calendar has a lot of appointments, sometimes the initial sync can take a few moments. After you perform a sync, simply wait a few minutes and all appointments should appear.
  2. No internet: Ensure your internet connection is working (desktop or mobile phone)
  3. Multiple calendars: Ensure all of your personal calendars are synced. Example, you may have sub-calendars within your personal calendar. Ex: "home", "work", etc. If you have multiple personal calendars, you'll just need to setup multiple syncs in Bookedin.
  4. Mobile refresh settings: iPhone: make sure your calendar refresh settings are set to push or fetch automatically. (Not manual). To do this, open the "Settings" app, scroll down to "Accounts & Passwords" then tap "Fetch new data" then ensure "Push" is turned on and all calendars show as "Push" or "Fetch" (do not use manual). 
  5. Changed password: If you changed your personal calendar password, the sync will stop working. To fix this you'll need to login to Bookedin, delete your syncs, then re-perform the sync.
  6. Outlook issues: see here
  7. If above steps do not help, try deleting then re-performing the sync within Bookedin. 

If all else fails, please contact us with any issues and include a screenshot if possible.