Outlook events not syncing properly

If you synced your Outlook calendar and are not seeing certain appointments appear in Bookedin properly, it could be that you need to perform the sync again, but instead choose the Exchange or Office365 option (not outlook.com). 

Many people sync using the "Outlook.com" option, but their calendar actually lives on Office 365 or Exchange. 


To explain, there are 3 sync options for Outlook calendars: 

  • Outlook.com 
    This is the web version of outlook calendar where you sign in via browser at https://login.live.com (aka your hotmail calendar. This is the least commonly used option) 
  • Office365
    This is the installed Outlook application on your computer, this was typically set up under your personal or business Office365 account. (This is the most common option)
  • Exchange
    This sync is used if you are using the installed Outlook application, and it was set up for you by your employer as a part of their hosted Exchange email account.

Solution: Perform Sync again using Exchange or Office365 (not outlook.com)

  • Log in to Bookedin web
  • Go to settings > calendar sync (top menu) 
  • Delete your existing outlook.com sync 
  • Click the "Add New Calendar Sync" button 
  • Choose the Exchange or Office365 option (not outlook.com) 
  • Sign in using the email address you use in your Outlook application

Still having trouble? Send us an email, we'd be happy to help!