Calendar sync [video]

Bookedin calendar sync is perfect for people with busy schedules. It lets your clients book appointments online based on your real-time availability.

Works with Google,, iCloud (Mac, iPad, iPhone) or Exchange calendars. Video and step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Bookedin account or create one for free (note: initial sync must be performed via website) 
  2. Click Settings > Calendar Sync (top menu)

  3. Click the Add New Calendar Sync button

  4. A new window will display, choose your preferred calender
  5. Sign in to your personal calendar. You will get redirected back to Bookedin upon successful connection
  6. Choose the Bookedin calendar you'd like to sync (only applicable if you have more than one)

  7. If your personal calendar has more than one calendar, (ex. Home, Work, Meetings, Family) you will be asked to select which one you'd like to sync. (Note: If you need to sync all of them, you must perform multiple calendar syncs. Ex. If your iCal has 4 total calendars you will repeat the sync process 4x.)
  8. Choose a synch direction (2-way or 1-way)
  9. Click Start Sync

  10. Wait a few moments, then boom! All of your Bookedin appointments will appear in your personal calendar and vice versa. (samples below) 
  11. Repeat for any other personal calenders. Bookedin lets you set up unlimited calendar syncs! 

Going forward:

  • Both calendars will get updated in real-time
  • Appointments booked on 3rd party synced calendar will block hours on your public online booking page.
  • Clients cannot see your synced appointments. 
  • Your Bookedin calendar will sync appointments 1-month back and 2-years forward.  

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