Connect PayPal to Bookedin

Follow the instructions below to connect Bookedin to PayPal. This allows your clients to pay for appointments online via credit card, debit, or PayPal.

  1. Log in to Bookedin web or launch the mobile app
  2. Click the "Settings" menu then go to "Online Payments

  3. Click "Connect your PayPal account"
  4. Click "I agree" on the terms, then you'll be redirected PayPal.

  5. On the PayPal screen, log-in or set up a new PayPal account.
    NOTE: You must use a verified "business" PayPal account type, which is free to set up. If you only have a "personal" PayPal account, just log in using that and you'll see a prompt to switch to a "business" account.

    If you need help navigating this set up please head to our "How do I switch to a "business" PayPal account", here.paypal_confirm_email_or_signup.png
  6. Once you have successfully set up your account you will receive a notification thanking you for signing up. Click the "Go back to Bookedin" button to head back to your Bookedin account.paypal_signup_confirmation.png
  7. You will be taken back to your "Online Payments" where a pop-up will confirm that you're connected.bookedin_connection_confirmation.png
  8. Next up: configure payments settings on each of your services

Trouble linking your PayPal account? Read our help article.