How do I switch to a "business" PayPal account

Here's how to switch from a "Personal" to a "Business" PayPal account. This is free to do and is required to connect your PayPal to Bookedin. 

  1. Log in to Bookedin web or launch the mobile app (Android or iPhone
  2. Click the Settings menu then go to Online Payments
  3. Click "Connect your PayPal account"
  4. Click "Connect" then "Accept terms and connect PayPal". Then you'll be redirected to the PayPal setup steps.
  5. Now you'll see a PayPal screen. From here, login to your PayPal account or set one up for free.  
  6. After you log in or sign up, PayPal will automatically detect if you're using a "Personal" or "Business" account. If your using a "personal" one, you'll see a prompt to Create or Upgrade to a free PayPal Business account. Choose either one: 
  7. Now follow the prompts to fill in all the required fields for your Business PayPal account. You'll need to fill in your business name, phone number, address etc. 
  8. At the bottom, check the box "You also give permission to Bookedin....." then click "Agree and Upgrade Account"
  9. Once you have completed all fields you will be taken to PayPal and asked to complete the PayPal Business setup. This includes:
    a) Confirm your email
    b) Link to your bank
    c) Confirm the business name that you would like to appear on your client's statements
    d) Lift bank withdrawal limits to move your funds more easily
  10. After you're done step 9, logout of PayPal and go back to Bookedin. You might have to start back at step 1 to restart the connection process.
  11. Once you've successfully connected your Business PayPal to Bookedin, you'll see a thank you screen. Click the "Go back to Bookedin" button to head back to your Bookedin account.
  12. That's it! You'll now see a success screen in your Bookedin account confirming your PayPal is connected.

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