BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Invite staff to log in

Invite your team to log in to your private appointment scheduler by creating each person a "Staff Login".

All Bookedin plans come with free, unlimited logins with multiple levels of permission settings. 

Note: people with a Staff Login don't appear in the calendar or on your public online booking page. 

Follow these steps to add a new Staff Login:

  1. Log in to Bookedin web (initial setup must be done on website, not mobile app)
  2. In the top menu, go to Settings > Staff Logins
  3. Click the Add New Staff Login button
  4. Type in your team members's Name and Email Address 
  5. Check the permission level you'd like to give them. (You can come back and change this at any time.) 
  6. Hit Save. Then the system sends them an invite email. From there they can create their own password, log in and start using Bookedin!

If your team is having any issues, check out this article for common fixes.

Note: The account "owner" is the person who originally set up the Bookedin account. The 'owner' is the only person with access to the Business Info and Billing screens. Learn how to change your account owner.