Online payments for services [video]

Online payment collection can be activated on any of your individual services. Follow the video instructions, or step-by-step guide below: 

Web App Instructions (scroll down for mobile) 

  1. Log in to your Bookedin scheduler
  2. If you haven't done so already, connect your PayPal account to Bookedin
  3. In the top navigation, click Settings > Services.
  4. Click Edit on the service you want to begin collecting payments for.

  5. Enter the Price. This must be included if you want to accept online payments.
  6. Make Public. This box must be checked to collect up-front deposit payments. 
  7. Expand the Payment Options Menu. Check the "Pay up front (public only)" and/or the "Pay Later" options. (see sample below)
  8. Refund automatically if booking is cancelled. If you un-check this, clients will be notified that the payment is non-refundable. If checked, up-front payments for this service will be automatically refunded if a booking is cancelled. 
  9. Click Save.
  10. Repeat for any other services.

Mobile App Instructions

  • Launch Android or iPhone app
  • Tap the Settings menu, then choose Services

  • Tap on your service name to edit it, then tap Payment Options
  • Option 1: Turn on Pay up front (public only): this requires clients to pay when they book online.
    Set the Payment amount. This can be a full or partial upfront payment.
  • Option 2: Turn on Pay later: this lets clients book online without paying, but they can pay for the service later via the email notifications. This feature also lets you add an early payment discount, and ability to tip. 
  • Option 3: Turn on both Pay up front and the Pay later. This lets clients pay a partial payment up front, then the balance later via email.