Rescheduling appointments

Method #1: Drag-and-Drop

The easiest way to reschedule is to simply find the appointment in your calendar and drag it to a new time or date. Doing this will send your client an automatic email with the new details. 


Method #2: Appointment Details

The second way to reschedule takes a bit more effort, but is great if you need to change the staff member or edit the appointment details. Here's how: 

  • Click on the appointment in your calendar, then click Change
  • Now adjust the appointment details. You can change the date, time, staff, duration, and edit all of the client information here too. 
  • Click Confirm Change to reschedule the appointment. This will send an automatic email to your client with their new appointment details. 
  • If the appointment is a Recurring Appointment you will need to select "Apply Changes to":
    • This appointment
    • This and following appointments



  • You need to have internal double bookings enabled in order to move the appointment to an unavailable time slot.

  • You will only be able to re-assign the booking to a new person if they are allowed to perform the service. Learn how to do this here.