Staff appointment reminders

The Bookedin app sends reminders to your clients, however many people have asked us about staff reminders. Ex. a pop up or email reminder a few hours or a few minutes prior to the client session. 

The Bookedin app itself doesn't include staff reminders, but the good news is these are easy to set up using calendar sync.  

The way it works, you'll sync Bookedin to your personal calendar (Google, iCloud, Outlook, etc). Then you can set your personal calendar to show pop up reminders. Ex 5-10 minutes prior to the appointment. Here are instructions: 

  1. First, Sync Bookedin to your personal calendar (ex. Google, iCloud, Outlook, Office365, Exchange). Setup instructions here
  2. Then on your personal calendar, set up a pop up alert. Instructions below for the popular calendar types:


Settings app > Calendars > Default Alert Times > Events > then check your preferred alert time, ex "15 minutes before"


Settings > Applications > Calendar > Scroll to find "Event Notifications". Now make sure Select Alert Type is set to either "pop up" or "Status bar". Then choose your sound, vibration & snooze preferences. 

Google desktop: 

Click gear icon (top-right) > Settings > Click "Calendars" tab (beside General) > click "Edit Notifications" link beside your calendar name (the one you have synced with Bookedin) > Then add or remove notifications beside the "By default notifiy me via" section. Ex. 10 minutes before. 


Go to preferences > Calendar > Calendar Options > Check "Default reminder" and set to your desired time, ex "10 minutes before"