How do I turn off Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification is a very important security feature designed to protect your Bookedin account and your private client list & data. 

This feature is "on" by default in your account. However, it is possible to turn it off. We don't recommend this, because without the two-step verification, anyone with access to your password can login to your account.

If you understand the risk, here are the steps to turn off two-step verification: 

Mobile app instructions: 

  • Launch the Bookedin mobile app (Android or iOS
  • Go to Settings > My Account 
  • Disable the green toggle: "Turn on two-step verification" 
  • You'll now see a warning prompt, "Are you sure?"
  • Click "Turn it off"
  • Click "Done - confirm changes" to save

Website Instructions:

  • Log in to Bookedin web  
  • Go to Account  > My Info (top-right menu)
  • Uncheck the feature: "Turn on two-step verification" 
  • You'll now see a warning prompt, "Are you sure?"
  • Click "Turn it off"
  • Click "Save Changes" 


Having trouble finding the 6-digit code?

  • Check your email spam/junk folder (the email you use to login to Bookedin)
  • Contact our support team
  • If you can't find the 6-digit code in your email, it could be because you are sharing a login with your team. We strongly recommend you create a unique login for each team member. It's FREE to do and more secure! Click here to learn how.