Manually add video conferencing link to appointments

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If you sometimes perform your services online, you can manually add a video conferencing link to any appointment. This is handy if you need to switch an appointment from in-person to online, or if you are booking in a specific client who prefers to meet with you virtually. Your clients can join the video call directly from their appointment reminder.


This setting is "on" by default, so you likely won't have to touch anything! But just in case, here are the steps to turn on/off this setting: 

  • Log in to Bookedin web: 
  • Go to Settings > Customize
  • In the Calendar section check the box Add video conference link when booking an appointment.
  • That's it! If the box is checked, you and your staff can click to add your own link on any appointment. If you uncheck the box, it will hide this setting.