I work at multiple locations. How do I set this up?

If you have a mobile business (i.e. you work in different locations or areas of the city), you’ll need to create a separate calendar for each location.

Note: if you have a business with multiple locations where your clients come to do business (ex. multiple store fronts or franchises), you’ll need to set up a separate Bookedin account for each one (see this article for more information).

1. Create a calendar for each location:

  • In the top navigation, go to Settings > Calendars 
  • Click Add New Calendar
  • Create a calendar for each location you work at
  • For all of your calendars, change the ‘Full Name’ to include the location or address
  • Repeat for all of your locations. Example, if you work at four different locations, you will need 4 separate calendars.  

2. Edit availability

For all of your calendars, edit availability to avoid double bookings. Example, if Scott works at the 565 Walker Studio on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, this is how availability would look:

  • In the top navigation, go to Settings > Calendars, then hit the Edit button
  • Edit Business Hours by adjusting each time slot or clicking the ‘x’ to remove the day completely
  • Hit Save, then repeat for your other locations

3. Edit address

Since you have more than one address, you'll need to add all of them so they display on your public Online Booking Page and client emails

  • In the top menu, go to  Settings > Business Info (must be signed in as account owner)
  • Review your address, add additional addresses on a new line. (sample below)
  • Optional: check "hide address from my clients" if you don't want this to appear on your public online booking page and client emails. 

4. You’re done!

Now check out your public online booking page to see what your clients and customers will see. 

Sample views: