Add custom booking form fields

NOTE: Initial setup must be performed via Bookedin website login (not mobile app).

Booking forms or "intake forms" are a great way to pre-screen new clients, get to know existing clients, or gather specific information for individual appointments. Here's a few examples:



You can collect information once, the very first time a client books with you. This is great for things like birthday, age, or "How did you hear about us". Basically things that will never change about your client.

You can also collect information every time they book an appointment. This works well for things you need to know for every single appointment. For example, "Reason for today's appointment".

How to add a "custom field" to your booking form:

  1. Log in to Bookedin web
  2. In the top menu, go to Settings > Customize
  3. Click the "Add Custom Form Field" button. The New Custom Field screen will appear.
  4. Field Type: Choose either "text box" or "address". Text box lets your clients type into a generic text box. Address field is for address collection only. Learn more about collecting client addresses here.
  5. Field Name: This can be anything you want to know about your client. Ex: "Your Age" or "How did you find out about us?" or "What is your address?" NOTE: There is a 45 character limit viewable on mobile. This information will also disappear when your client types in their answer.
  6. Help Text (optional): Tell your clients why you're requesting this info, or give them examples of popular responses. NOTE: This field does not have a limit of characters so if you have detailed information you'd like to ask your clients please enter it here. This information also stays while your client types in their answer.
  7. Frequency: Choose either "Only Once" or "Every Time" setting. 
  8. Display Settings: Set how you would like the form field to display. Public required, public optional, or private. 
  9. Click Save.

To add another custom booking field, repeat steps 3-9. You can add unlimited form fields. how_to_fill_out_your_custom_email_form.png