BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Add custom booking form fields

NOTE: Initial setup must be performed via Bookedin web login (not mobile app).

Booking forms or "intake forms" are a great way to pre-screen new clients, get to know existing clients, or gather specific information for individual bookings. Here's an example:

How to add a "custom field" to your booking form:

  1. Log in to Bookedin web
  2. In the top menu, go to Settings > Customize
  3. Click the "Add Custom Form Field" button. The New Custom Field screen will appear.
  4. Field Type: Choose either "text box" or "address". Text box lets your clients type into a generic text box. Address field is for address collection only. Learn more about collecting client addresses here.
  5. Field Name: This can be anything you want to know about your client. Ex: "Your Age" or "How did you find out about us?" or "What is your address?" NOTE: There is a 45 character limit viewable on mobile. This information will also disappear when your client types in their answer.
  6. Help Text (optional): Tell your clients why you're requesting this info, or give them examples of popular responses. NOTE: This field does not have a limit of characters so if you have detailed information you'd like to ask your clients please enter it here. This information also stays while your client types in their answer.how_to_fill_out_your_custom_email_form.pngiphone_image_custom_email_form.jpg
  7. Frequency: Choose either "Only Once" or "Every Time" setting. 
  8. Display Settings: Set how you would like the form field to display. Public required, public optional, or private. 
  9. Click Save.

To add another custom booking field, repeat steps 3-9. You can add unlimited form fields.