Security features

At Bookedin, we take security seriously. Here is a list of our key security measures:

  • Clients cannot see your existing appointments or client information. Your public booking web page only displays information about the public services you offer and available appointment times. Your client records and appointment data are protected by your login credentials including two-step verification. You have full control over who can access this data. And you can download your client data at any time.

  • All passwords are encrypted before being stored. No one can see your password, not even us. If you lose your password, we'll send you a link to reset it.

  • All staff logins are protected by two-step verification (2SV). This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account, even if someone guesses your password. 2SV is turned on automatically after 30 days of usage. You can turn this off if you want (but we don't recommend it).

  • We do not store credit card numbers. We use industry leading 3rd party processors to manage all credit card payments (like PayPal, Stripe, Google or Apple).

  • Our software is hosted in Google's world class data centers and is bound by the same security and privacy policies as Google's own software.

  • All Bookedin communications are encrypted end-to-end using over 256-bit SSL security. This means any information you send or retrieve from our servers can’t be viewed by anyone else.

If you have specific questions about our security, just send us a support request