BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Adding new clients

There are 4 ways to add a new client: 

Note: the word "clients" is personalized based on your industry. You might see "customers", "patients" or "students" in your account. For this guide, let's stick with the word "clients". 

1. Import File

If you have a client list in another program or file, it can be imported into BookedIN. Instructions here.

2. You book an appointment

  • Sign in to BookedIN
  • Click the Book Appointment button or anywhere on the calendar
  • Enter client information (standard info, and any custom info you collect)
  • Click Book It
  • Bingo! A new client is automatically added to your client list. 

3. The client books their own appointment 

When someone makes a booking online via your website widget, or your online booking page, a new client will automatically appear in your client list.    

Note: If the system recognizes client name and email address, the booking will get tracked on their existing client record. 

4. Manually add clients 

  • Sign in to BookedIN
  • Click the Clients button
  • Click Add new client in the top-right of the client list ("+" button on mobile app)
  • You will see a screen where you can enter your client information: name, email, phone #'s, notes, plus any custom fields you've added.
  • The only required info is Name, but the more information you include the better.



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