How do I post an announcement on my booking page?

If you have an important announcement, you can add it to your online booking page. That way all clients can see it when they book online. This setup is a bit of a workaround, using the "Service Category" banner.  

  • Login to Bookedin web or launch the mobile app (we recommend doing the setup on the website as it is much faster) 
  • Go to Settings > Services 
  • Edit the 1st service in your list 
  • Type your announcement into the Category field. This will add a "Category banner" above the service. 
  • Save.
  • Now repeat and add the same Category to every service in your list. (Hit Edit > apply the category, save, repeat) 

When finished, your service list will look like this (web view):

Here's the settings in the mobile app view: 


Here's what clients will see: