How to book "remote" appointments with your clients

Are you a business that has the option of  *going remote* for the next little while? If so, you’ll be looking to set up Zoom or Skype calls to replace face-to-face meetings. Once you’ve gotten your online meeting link sorted out (we’re a big fan of Zoom) the next step is adding it to your appointments so clients know how to join you online.

Here are the steps you need to take to “go remote” with your Bookedin appointments:

Add instructions to your online booking page

  1. Log into Bookedin web:
  2. Go to Settings > Services
  3. Click to add or edit a service, now create a Service Name & Description to explain to your client that their appointment will be an "online" meeting. adding_zoom_or_skype_online_meetings_to_your_online_appointment_booking.png
  4. Click Save and voila, here is what your clients will see when they book online:

Add instructions to client confirmation & reminder emails

  1. Go to Settings > Email/Text Reminders
  2. Under Personalized Emails, choose either: Same message for all services or Unique message for each service
  3. Write your personalized message in the text editor. Then paste in your Zoom link or Skype ID within the body of the personalized email.
  4. Click Send Test Email to send yourself a test and see what it will look like
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. You’ll need to repeat steps 4 & 5 if you selected *Unique message for each service.*


Here's what the client confirmation and reminder emails will look like: