What type of data is Bookedin collecting about me?

Bookedin uses three third-party services to understand how our users book and schedule appointments, interact with our website, interact with our mobile applications, and to improve our user experience. These third-party services are Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Smartlook.

Our Privacy Policy explains this in detail, but we have provided some of the basics below.

What do these tools do?

These tools:

  • Show your behavioral events (ex. bookings, confirmations, viewing booking forms) 
  • Identify your interactions with the software (ex. adding calendars/services, upgrading plans)
  • Record your desktop sessions so we’re able to troubleshoot when required. These sessions display the content of all pages you visit while using the Bookedin software (including appointments and client data where applicable) as well as your mouse movements, clicks, taps, page navigation, and other interactions. (NOTE: Recordings DO NOT include camera input, microphone or any sound input. Passwords are never displayed.)
  • Track your activity while on the Bookedin site (ex. clicks, time on pages) to improve our service 

What are you collecting and why?

We are collecting both your personally identifiable information and certain non-personally-identifiable information (such as anonymous user usage data, cookies, IP addresses, browser type) to provide the best customer service possible and identify different ways we can improve.

Am I able to opt-out of having my information collected?

You may choose to opt-out of having your personal data collected at anytime, by following the links below:

  1. To opt-out of Mixpanel’s automatic retention of data, please follow the instructions in the opt-out guide
  2. To opt out of Smartlook’s session recording and event tracking features, please follow the instructions on the opt out page.
  3. To prevent your data from being collected and processed by Google Analytics, please download the Google Opt-out browser add on.

If you’d like more information on our Privacy Policy you can read the full disclosure here.