Attach files to appointments

Attaching a file to individual appointments is a great way to keep track of your client's individual needs, and stay organized all in one place. For example, tattoo artists might attach inspiration photos for tattoos, signed consent forms, or driver's license. 

Note: customers and clients can't attach files, and the files attached are private and secure. Only staff logged into the Bookedin Android app, iOS App or desktop site can view or modify the files. 

  • Book a new appointment or edit an existing one
  • On the appointment form you'll see "Add files" 
    attaching a file to an appointment.png
  • Attach up to 5 files
  • Click "Book it" or "Confirm Change" to save the file attachments
  • That's it! Now you can easily access those files in the appointment, in your calendar, as well tracked in the Clients booking history.
    files attached to appointment.png

Tip! You can attach files to the automated client emails too! Learn how here.