Import your client list

Do you have a client list stored in another program or file? We can import it into Bookedin for you! Free of charge. 

  1. Locate your client list. This can be an excel or CSV file. For help locating your client list, here are a couple handy links:
    1. Booksy client export
    2. Genbook client export
    3. Google contacts 
    4. iCloud export
    5. LinkedIn export
  2. Log in to your Bookedin web account here:
  3. Go to the Clients section then click the Import button.
  4. Attach your file and hit the Upload Contacts button. You can repeat the process to attach multiple files. (Alternately you can email your list to us here:, be sure to include your Bookedin login email address)
  5. We'll take it from there and your list will appear in your account within 1 business day.