Mobile app notifications and activity

The Bookedin mobile app for iPhone & Android sends you and your team a notification each time a client books online, pays, cancels or confirms their appointment. It also allows your to view your appointment booking history: new, rescheduled, confirmations, cancellations and payments. Sample:


Here's how to turn on/off your Bookedinmobile notifications and activity: 

Step 1: Check Bookedin app settings

  • Launch Bookedin mobile app (Android or iPhone
  • Tap Settings then Notifications
  • Ensure push notifications are turned on for all events:



Now you have the opportunity to select which calendars receive push notifications and see all booking activity within their app:


Step 2: Check device settings


  • Launch Settings App
  • Go to Applications > Application Manager
  • Scroll down and tap on Bookedin
  • Tap Notifications, ensure Allow Notifications is on. 
  • Recommended: turn on "set as priority" and "preview in pop ups"


  • Launch Settings App the tap Notifications
  • Scroll down and tap on Bookedin
  • Make sure Allow notifications is turned on
  • Adjust your notification options. (Badge app icon, show on lock screen, show in history, show in banners) We recommend leaving them all on.