How do the timezones work?

Your Bookedin public online booking page is fixed to one time zone (configured in your business account under settings > business info). 

This means, clients viewing your page from outside of your timezone, the timezone is not auto-adjusted. 

If you sometimes book clients from outside your timezone, the best way to clearly communicate things is to add the words "Pacific Timezone" (or whatever your timezone is) to your service titles and client emails.

Add Timezone to Service Titles:

  • Log in to your Bookedin business account (web or mobile app)
  • Go to Settings > Services
  • Hit Edit on your first service 
  • Change "Service Name" so that it mentions the timezone at the end. Ex: "2 Hour Session (Pacific Timezone)"
  • SAVE
  • Repeat for all services

Add Timezone to Client Emails:

  • Go to Settings > Email Notifications
  • Under personalized emails, add this sentence to all emails "Please note your appointment time listed is in Pacific Timezone"
  • SAVE

If you'd like to add your vote to our features request list for "automatic timezone adjustment" please let us know.