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How do I set up classes or groups?

At this time BookedIN doesn't have a class or group scheduling feature but we do have a pretty decent workaround to set this up! It works for things like group tutoring sessions, boot camps, or yoga classes. Anything where you want to book multiple clients into one time slot.

How it works:

  • Allows a max number of people to book into the same time slot
  • Each person must book individually
  • Payment can be collected, but each person must pay separately
  • You create one calendar for each bookable "seat/slot" in the class
  • Only works if you offer 1 type of class. 
  • Works best for small groups (less than 15)

Here are the steps to set things up. This setup is probably easier to perform on a desktop computer (as opposed to our mobile apps).

1. Create account or sign in

Create a new BookedIN business account or sign in to your existing one

2: Create one class service

  • Go to Settings > Services in the top menu
  • Click Edit beside one of your existing services (you probably added a few in the setup process)
  • Now change everything on this service to reflect the classes you want to set up. Here is a sample: 

    Service Name: Yoga classes
    Description: Please book by choosing an available slot & time below. For groups: please book each person individually.
    Category: leave blank
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: optional
    Make public: check this
    Payment Options: optional (instructions here)
    Advanced options > break time: leave as 0
    Advanced options > lead time: reduce to 0 if you allow walk-ins, increase if you prefer people book further ahead of time
    Available calendars: ignore for now, this gets set up in step 3 below
  • Now hit SAVE
  • Important: Delete or un-check "make public" on all other public services in your services list.

3: Create multiple calendars
This is the bulk of the work here. Now you need to create one calendar for every "seat" you allow. Ex. if you allow max 10 people per class, you will need 10 calendars. 

  • Go to Settings > Calendars 
  • Hit Edit on your existing calendar
  • Fill in the details as follows:

    Full name: Seat #1 (or Spot #1, whichever you prefer)
    Short name: Seat1
    Make public: check this
    Available services: one service should be checked 
    Make public: check this
    Start time: same as your class duration from step 2 above, ex 60 minutes
    Advanced options: do not need to set these
    Recurring hours: Set to reflect the times when your classes are available.
  • Now hit SAVE
  • Repeat this process until you have X total calendars (seat 1, seat 2, seat 3, etc). All of them need to have IDENTICAL settings as mentioned above. Sorry there is no duplicate button at this time. :*(

Final result:

Step 4: Review public Online Booking Page

You're done!

  • Now go check out your "Online Booking Page" (top link, opens new window) and review what your clients will see.
  • Do a test booking to see what your clients will see.

What your clients see:

That's it! If you get stuck with this workaround, just give us a shout.

NOTE: We plan to build a better class/group scheduling feature soon. Please let us know if you'd like to be notified when it's ready. =)


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