BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Recurring availability

Here's how to change recurring available hours.

NOTE: This will change availability on all weeks going forward. Learn how to edit hours for one specific date

Web App Instructions:

  • Sign in to BookedIN
  • Near the top-right of the calendar, hit the Change Hours button then Change Recurring Hours

  • Now you can edit your recurring hours for each day of the week! Add or remove time slots or adjust your hours.

  • Save
  • Repeat the steps if you have more than one calendar in your account.

Mobile App Instructions:

  • If you have more than one calendar, choose the calendar you want to edit by tapping the name at the top

  • Choose Change weekly recurring hours

  • Tap on a day of the week to edit it

  • Tap on the start time, or the end time to edit

  • Tap Add time slot if you want to add more available hours. This can help you create a lunch break, split shift, or multiple availabilities throughout the day. 

  • Tap remove to delete a time slot. Ex. If you want to mark all Saturdays off, just remove all time slots. 


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