Change your color

NOTE: Must be performed via Bookedin web login (not mobile app).

  • Log in to Bookedin web 
  • Click Settings > Customize (top menu)
  • Near the bottom of the page you'll see some color options. 
  • Choose a standard color from the drop-down menu: Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Charcoal

  • Or choose Custom and use the color picker

    Pro Tip! If you have a brand color, and you know the HEX value, you can also type this in to set your custom color. Try using "Digital color meter" (Mac) or Windows Paint to determine your exact RGB value. Then use this color converter to convert to HEX.
  • Hit ENTER to save the changes.
  • Click "Preview" and check out your fancy new online booking page! Sample screenshot below. Click here to view a live sample.  


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