Print calendar

At this time Bookedin doesn't have a print appointments button via the appointment scheduler, but we do have a few decent workarounds:

Method 1: Print via Browser 

Screenshots shown are Google Chrome, but the settings across different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) are very similar. 

  • Choose the calendar you want to print. Click one of the colored buttons, or choose all calendars combined by clicking the ">>" button
  • Choose WEEK, DAY or SPLIT view
  • Hit Ctrl+P (Mac: ⌘-P)
  • From here you can just print!  But if you need to adjust the size or paper orientation, hit the Print using system dialog option.
  • Some new options will appear (see below)
  • Change orientation to landscape
  • Change scaling to 50% 
  • Change border to None
  • Hit Print or hit Save as PDF to save a file that you can easily print later or email to someone else
  • Click to view a sample of what the print out looks like

Method 2: Print via Calendar Sync

If you sync your Bookedin calendar to a 3rd party calendar, you can print all appointments easily. 

  • Sign in to Bookedin on your desktop computer
  • Set up calendar sync (works with Google, iCloud,, Office365 & Exchange) 
  • Then within your 3rd party calendar, use the "print function". Sample from Google shown below. 
  • print_appointments_via_3rd_party_calendar_sync.png



We plan to build a better print feature soon. Please let us know if you'd like to be notified when it's ready. =)