BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not receiving emails?

Bookedin sends out a number of automated emails to both you and your clients:

  • Client booking confirmations: sent immediately upon booking
  • Client booking reminders: sent 1-5 days before appointment (you set the day)
  • Staff booking notifications

Here are a number of troubleshooting tips for missing emails:

Client Emails

Scenario: Clients are not receiving any emails


  • Log in to Bookedin and check the client email address for typos. To do this click on colored appointment box, then click "change". If you see a typo, correct it, hit "Confirm Change". All future emails will now be sent to the correct address. 
  • Ask your client to check their email spam or junk folder for an email sent by "". If any emails appear, instruct your client to add "" to their address book to ensure safe delivery of future emails. 
  • Add your own email to be BCC'd on all client emails. This helps you to monitor everything the system sends out to your clients. Do this under Settings > Email/Text Remiders in your account. 
  • Still having problems? Contact our support

Scenario: Clients are not receiving reminder emails

NOTE: If the booking was created last minute, the system will only send out the confirmation email. The reminder emails get sent 1-5 days before the appointment time, so for example, if you have it set to send reminders 2 days before, and the booking was created within a day of the appointment start time, no reminder will get sent. 


  • See above troubleshooting tips.

Staff Emails

Scenario: Staff are not receiving new booking notification.

NOTE: Staff notifications only send for bookings created on your public online booking page. Appointments booked via your private scheduler do not send a staff notifications. We will be adding this feature soon though, so please let us know if you want to get notified when it's ready.


  • Ask your staff to check their email spam or junk folder for and email sent by ""
  • Always book appointments via your public online booking page
  • Still having problems? Contact our support