Transferring account ownership

If you created a Bookedin account and need to transfer the ownership to someone else, here are the steps.

NOTE: Must be performed via Bookedin web login (not mobile app).

STEP 1. Remove Your Credit Card

If you're paying for Bookedin on your own personal credit card, you'll want to remove it first before transferring ownership. 

  • Log in to Bookedin web
  • Go to  Account > Billing (top menu)
  • Remove your credit card info by simply switching your account to the free "Basic Plan" (will disconnect any existing calendar syncs and PayPal connection) 
STEP 2. Change Business Email Address
  • Go to Settings > Business Info (top menu)
  • Double check the "Business Email" is correct. You'll want this to be set to an email inbox that the new account owner can access.
  • Click SAVE
STEP 3. Transfer Owner "Log In" 
To give the new owners full control over the account, you will re-assign your login details to their email address and remove your own email address. Here's how:
  • Go to Account > My Info (top menu)
  • Remove your Name & Email address and replace it with the new owner's
  • Type in a temporary password 
  • Re-type the password
  • Click SAVE CHANGES the system will send a verification email to the new owner. 
  • Now you'll need to provide the temporary password to the new account owner (via email, phone or in-person)
  • The new owners will receive their email verification, click the link within the email, then log in using the temporary password.
  • That's it! The new owner is now signed in as the Bookedin account owner. They can now create a new password under Account > My Info. If needed, they can rename the business under Settings > Business Info
STEP 4. New Owner Adds New Credit Card
Now that the account is transferred to the new owner, they can now enter their credit card and choose a billing plan.
  • Go to Account > Billing in the top menu
  • Choose the Plan level
  • Enter new credit card information
  • Select "Purchase Plan"