1&1 Booking Button

Easily add an online appointment booking button to your 1&1 website in just a few steps. This is done by copying and pasting 2 parts of code into your 1&1 website.

(Click here for how to embed your full calendar.)

  1. First up, log in to your Bookedin account or create a new one
  2. Go to Settings > Integrate in the top menu. Then under Website Button you'll see some options. Choose a button size and color from the drop-downs.
    If you choose the custom color option, you can use any color you wish, or input a HEX color value. Ex #fe5000.
  3. When you're happy with the look of your button, click Get Code. You'll see the below screen with 2 boxes containing code. Select and copy the first part of the code.  
  4. In a new browser window, open your 1&1 MyWebsite Editor. Once you're logged in, hit the Edit your 1&1 MyWebsite button
  5. In the right-side panel, choose Settings > Edit Head Section. This is where you'll place the 1st part of the Bookedin code. 
  6. Now paste the 1st part of Bookedin code into the Edit Head Section then click Save.
  7. Now for the 2nd part of the Bookedin button code. In 1&1, choose the Insert Elements button from the right-side menu
  8. Click & hold the Widget/HTML icon, then drag it on to your page where you want the booking button to appear.
  9. Switch back to your Bookedin window, then select and copy the 2nd part of the code. 
  10. Now go back to your 1&1 editor window. In the Widget / HTML text area you just created, paste the 2nd part of the code from Bookedin, then hit save.
  11. You will see a message "The widget is only displayed in the page view, not in the editing mode." To view your button, just hit the preview menu above. 
  12. Nice work! You will now see your fancy new booking button. 

Having trouble with mobile? 
You may need to adjust your 1&1 template settings to ensure the button appears on mobile devices. Go to your 1&1 website Settings (gear icon in right-hand menu) then Mobile Website, then un-check the option called "only display optimized content on smartphones and tablets"