Squarespace Booking Button

If you have a Squarespace site, you can easily add a Bookedin button to help you get more appointments and online bookings. (Click here for how to embed your full calendar)

You can add the button to any page on your site. Ex: contact page, or pages that describe your services.  

  1. First thing's first. Let's create your new fancy booking button. Log in to your Bookedin account, then go to Settings > Integrate in the top menu. When you get to the Integrate screen, you'll see some options under Website Button
  2. Choose a button size & color
  3. If you choose the "Custom" color, you can enter a HEX value or use the color-picker

  4. When you're happy with the look of your button, hit Get Code. Then you'll see 2 separate boxes with code. Follow the instructions to paste each piece of code into your website.      
  5. Open a new browser window, log in to your Squarespace editor
  6. For the 1st block of code, follow squarespace's instructions for header code injection here.
  7. For the 2nd block of code: choose the Pages section in the side bar of the editor
  8. Under Main Navigation, choose an existing page where you would like to embed your button.
  9. On your page editor, click anywhere to edit the page content, then add a new content area by choosing the Code block option. See Squarespace's code block tutorial if you need some help on how to do this.
  10. Now in the code block you just created, paste in the 2nd block of code from Bookedin, then hit apply

  11. Save the changes. That's it! Your button is now live on your webpage. Be sure to view your live site to ensure the button is working properly.