Photo mini sessions

Mini sessions are very popular with Bookedin appointment scheduling! We have so many talented photographers using our system to schedule these fun and seasonal photography sessions.

This setup can be used for anyone looking to book clients online just on a few particular days, as opposed to booking clients every day of the week. 

Here is a sample mini-session booking page. This is what your clients will see:


Now here are the steps to set this up! If you get stuck, just contact our support team, we'd love to help. 

1. Create a Bookedin account

Create a new Bookedin business account or log in to your existing one

2. Create your mini session service

This will let people book and pay for mini session appointments online via your Bookedin online booking webpage. 

  • Go to "Settings > Services" in the top menu
  • Hit the "Add New Service" button to create your mini sessions, or hit "Edit" on your existing mini sessions service.
  • Enter in your mini session details, then hit save. (Example settings pictured below)
  • NOTE: The "Require up front payment" is optional, but great since it will require your client to pay online when they book. Clients can pay via credit card, debit or PayPal. This is a very popular feature! You can collect a partial fee, or the full price. If the client does not complete the payment, they do not get the appointment time-slot. Here is a sample of what clients will see when booking their appointment: 

3. Create a mini session specific calendar

Now that your session info is set up, it's time to set your mini's availability. To do this you need to create a mini-session-only calendar. Creating a special calendar is important because you probably only offer minis on specific dates of the year (as opposed to every day of the week).

  • Go to Settings > Calendars in the top menu
  • Hit the "Add New Calendar" button
  • Create a new calendar that will specifically handle your mini sessions. Fill in your information as pictured below:


4. Remove minis from regular calendar

If you have other services you offer all the time, such as studio shoots, family portraits, etc, these should be kept on a separate calendar. Here's what the settings for your 2nd calendar should look like:

5. Set mini session availability & dates

  • Go to your Calendar then follow these video instructions to open up specific dates for your mini sessions: 

Web instructions: 

Mobile instructions:


6. Promote your minis! 

Now you're all set to share and promote your mini session dates! 

  • Follow these steps to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • If you want to share a link the specific date, follow these steps.
  • Note: your mini session link will look something like this:
  • You can share this link with your clients on Facebook, Instagram, via Email or anywhere you like.