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Booking Link in Instagram Profile

Adding the option for online appointment booking is a great strategy for building your business via Instagram. This is a simple marketing trick that works great for hair salons, photographers, tattoo shops, or any business with beautiful imagery to share. Here's how:

1. Update your Instagram bio & website

  • Open Instagram on your mobile phone, then tap "Edit Your Profile"
  • Type in your BookedIN URL into the "Website" section
  • If you don't know your BookedIN URL, find it in your account under "Settings > Integrate" or just create a new account here.
  • Type in some “call to action” text in your bio. Example: “Book an appointment with me here⬇️⬇️⬇️”. Try using downward pointing emoticons. This will bring attention to the link when people view your profile.

What it looks like: 


2. Promote online booking EVERY time you post 

  • Every time you post a photo, type “Book an appointment online. Link in bio.” in your caption.
  • It's important to mention this every time you post. Your followers might not see all of your posts or they might just need a gentle reminder to book an appointment.



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