Facebook & Instagram "Book Now" buttons

Easily add "Book Now" buttons to your Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Messenger conversations or ads! This makes it super easy for your fans on social to book appointments with your business. Here are a few ways in which you can showcase your Bookedin appointments: 


This can be setup in one of three easy methods. Via your Bookedin account, via Facebook or through the Instagram app. Each method lets you set up the exact same thing. 😉

Before you start please note:

  • You must be the Facebook Page "owner" or "admin". (check your settings here)
  • You must be the Bookedin account "owner" or "admin"
  • You can only connect your Bookedin account once. It is not possible to connect Bookedin to multiple Instagram pages or Facebook Pages.

Setup Method 1: Via Bookedin Website 👩🏽‍💻

  1. Log in your Bookedin account: https://scheduler.bookedin.com 
  2. In the top-right menu, click Settings > Integrate
  3. Make sure Enable Online Booking Page is checked
  4. Under the Facebook/Instagram Button heading, select any or all of the platforms you want to connect. Then hit the Connect button.
  5. Now you’ll get redirected to a Facebook screen. Simply follow the Facebook prompts to connect your Facebook Business Page, your Instagram Profile and your Ads account! (If your Instagram isn't associated with your Facebook Page yet, you should see a prompt to search and connect it. Or get instructions here.)
  6. Voila! Your fancy new Book Now button now appears on your social media! Now just click Done and you'll get automatically redirected back to your Bookedin account.

Setup Method 2: Via Instagram 📸

  1. Launch the Instagram app, go to your profile and click Edit Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Public Business Information section, then tap Action Buttons. (If you don't see the Action Buttons option, all you need to do is click "Switch to Professional Account" which is free and only takes 2 seconds.)
  3. On the Add an Action Button page, choose Book Now
  4. Choose Bookedin from the partner list 
  5. Log in to your Bookedin account (Need one? Signup free here!) 
  6. Select any or all of the options:  
  7. Confirm your settings are accurate: 
  8. One last confirmation screen here, and you're all done!

Setup Method 3: Via Facebook 💙

  1. Launch the Facebook mobile app or log in to the website 
  2. Navigate to your business Page, then click Create Action Button. If you already have an action button set up, you can simply click it and you'll see an option to delete or modify. 
  3. Choose the Book Now option
  4. Click Connect Another Tool
  5. Choose Bookedin from the list then click Continue to grant Bookedin permission to connect
  6. Log in to your Bookedin account (Need one? Signup free here!) step_5_-_instagram_bookedin_setup.PNG
  7. Select any or all of the options: 
  8. On the final step you'll be able to confirm your settings are accurate. Click Continue
  9. That's it! Click View Page to check out your shiny new Book Now button on Facebook

How to disconnect

Regardless of which method you used to get connected, follow these steps to disconnect Bookedin from your Facebook Page, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger:

  1. Log in your Bookedin account via the website: https://scheduler.bookedin.com 
  2. In the top-right menu, click Settings > Integrate
  3. De-select any or all the options, then hit Save

Need help?

Contact the Bookedin support any time. Or you can click the "support" links at the bottom of each Facebook setup screen. You can also click here to get help from Facebook support.