BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

My services don't have a set duration, how do I set this up?

With BookedIN, each service you offer for online booking has a fixed duration. This helps the system schedule in your appointments and make sure they fit based on your availability. 

But what if you offer a service with a variety of different lengths? For example, a sauna rental, internet cafe, or kayak rental. You might want to give people the freedom to book 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or even a full day. 

To set this up, you need to create duplicate services, each with its own fixed duration. Here's how:

  1. Sign in to BookedIN
  2. Go to Settings > Services
  3. Click the "Add New Service" button
  4. Create your service, then create another service for each duration. Using the internet cafe example, you would create 4 separate services:

    Service Name:
    1 Hour Computer Rental
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Service Name: 2 Hour Computer Rental 
    Duration: 120 minutes

    Service Name: 4 Hour Computer Rental 
    Duration: 240 minutes

    Service Name: Full Day Computer Rental
    Duration: 480 minutes (for an 8 hour day)

Learn more about setting up services here.


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