Why are my clients getting errors when making payments on PayPal?

Scenario 1 - The problem is happening for one specific customer

If one of your customers is experiencing errors or "technical difficulties" while completing a credit card transaction, it's likely an issue with their credit card. Here are two possible problems and solutions: 

Problem: The transaction is considered high risk
There are many reasons why a transaction may be flagged as potentially fraudulent or high risk.

Solution: The customer should contact PayPal to get more information about why the transaction is failing.

Problem: The credit card may be connected to a closed PayPal account
If your customer's credit card is connected to an old PayPal account, PayPal will flag this as high risk and prevent any transactions. 

Solution: the customer needs to phone PayPal and request to have their credit card removed from the old account.

Scenario 2 - The errors are happening for more than one customer

If multiple customers are experiencing errors or "technical difficulties" while completing credit card transactions, it's likely an issue with PayPal. Here are all possible problems and solutions: 

Problem: PayPal is experiencing technical issues 

Solution: Ask your client to wait a few minutes then try again. 

Problem: Your credit card details have changed
Ex: address change, name change, expired credit card, new credit card added to PayPal, etc. 

Solution: Log in to PayPal.com and update your credit card information.

Problem: Your PayPal account is unverified
Your PayPal account needs to be verified in order for you to accept credit card payments.

Solution: Follow PayPal's instructions to verify your PayPal account.

Problem: You need to reconnect PayPal to Bookedin 
If your PayPal account is verified, and your customers are still experiencing problems, you may simply need to disconnect, then reconnect your PayPal to Bookedin.

- Log in to Bookedin website
- In the top navigation, choose Settings, then Online Payments
- Click disconnect beside your PayPal email
- Then re-connect by clicking Connect your PayPal account and follow the prompts to connect your PayPal account.

If you're still having problems feel free to contact us any time.