Website Booking Button

If you have a website for your business, adding a Bookedin button is a great way to book more online appointments. (Click here to learn how to embed your full calendar.)

  1. Sign in to your Bookedin web account or create a new one here
  2. Go to Settings > Integrate in the top menu
  3. Under Website Button you'll see some options.
  4. Choose a button size: Standard or Small
  5. Choose a button color: Blue, Green, Red, or Custom
    If you choose Custom: use the color-picker or enter a HEX value
  6. When you're happy with your button, hit Get Code. Then you'll see 2 separate boxes with code. Follow the instructions to paste each piece of code into your website.   
  7. If you have someone else updating your site for you, just email them the code, and they can update your website for you.
  8. If you are updating your website yourself, just open up your website editor
  9. In edit mode, find the HTML editing view
  10. Paste in the code you copied from Bookedin.

    IMPORTANT: The button may appear as plain text in edit view, but once published the image will appear properly.
    Edit view:

    Published view: 

  11. Save the changes, and your button will now appear on your site!