BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up iCloud app-specific passwords?

As of June 15, 2017, app-specific passwords are required for all third-party apps that use your iCloud data.

This means for your BookedIN to iCloud calendar sync to work, you'll need to enable two-step verification or two-factor authentication in your iCloud account, then generate an app-specific password for BookedIN.

Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your iCloud account
  • Enable two-step verification or two-factor authentication
  • Generate an app-specific password for BookedIN
  • Log in to bookedIN web, then go to the "Settings > Calendar Sync" (top menu)
  • If you already have an iCloud sync that was set up prior to June 15, 2017, please delete it, as it will not be working properly. Deleting a sync does not affect your clients or appointments. 
  • Re-perform your sync: click the "Add New Calendar Sync" button
  • On the Cronofy sync screen, click the iCloud option and log into your iCloud account using your iCloud email address and app specific password.



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