Launch your own client mobile app

Bookedin does not offer a client facing app at this time, however you can build one quickly and easily with the help from our friends at "App Institute"! 

  1. Set up your appointment scheduler on Bookedin
    If you haven't already, create a Bookedin appointment scheduling account here. This will be your main hub for you and your internal staff. Bookedin handles your client appointment scheduling calendar, online bookings, and automatically sends out client confirmations, emails, and text message reminders. 
  2. Set up your app builder account on App Institute
    Create a new account on "App Institute" here.
  3. Enter your Facebook page (if you have one)
    The "App Institute" builder will populate your account using your Facebook information: business information, images, website, color scheme, etc. Skip this step if you prefer to add this info manually. Note: You'll notice a handy help chat in the corner, you can contact App Institute any time if you need assistance. 
  4. Enter your business website address (if you skipped the Facebook step). This will automatically pull in a matching colour scheme
  5. Enter your mobile/cell phone number to receive a link to preview your app (optional)
  6. Enter your nameemail address and create a password to finish creating your account.
  7. Now you'll be directed how to finalize your app appearancecontent, then publish to the Google Play and Apple App Store. Steps below.
  8. Check out your colour scheme and font style. Choose a color palette & font, or just keep the defaults. Click save.
  9. Upload your own app icons, splash screen image, and header logo image. Or simply use the templates. Click Save.
  10. Click Content in the side menu, then hover over the Book tab and select Edit Content
  11. Replace the demo Bookedin link with your own. Click Save. This step makes your app fully integrated with Bookedin online appointment scheduling. When clients download your app, they'll be able to book appointments easily directly within your app.
  12. Preview App on your phone
    Use the QR code at the top-right of the screen to send a preview link to your phone. Or use the link texted to your mobile phone from step 5. 
    Looking great! 
  13. Publish on app stores
    App Institute takes care of submitting your app to the Google Play and iPhone App stores. Make sure all of your settings and content is perfect before you complete this step.
    To submit, you must choose a paid plan with AppInstitute. For a limited time, Bookedin users get a 50% discount off of the annual pro plan! Use promo code: BookedIn50. That's just $300/year instead of the regular $600. 
  14. Start marketing your App to clients
    Now that your app is live, App Institute gives you oodles of excellent marketing tools and guides. These will help your app to be a huge success with clients. The main goal is to get your clients download your new app and use it every time they want to book an appointment with you. 

    Log in to your App Institute account and go to the Marketing section for:
  • marketing guides 
  • a custom website to help you drive awareness to your app
  • notification tools to help get your client's attention
  • analytics and reporting tools