How do I unblock a synced calendar event?

You might find that you have a synced birthday "all day" event, or a calendar event that you DON'T want blocking out your online booking availability. Example:


To prevent certain personal calendar events from blocking Bookedin, you can set the event to be "free/available". This is done inside of your personal calendar.

All 3rd party calendars have a setting called "show me as: available/busy". This is what controls the blocking effect in your Bookedin calendar.

If you're using iCloud calendar sync: 

  • Open calendar (iPhone is best. Some versions of iCal desktop do not let you edit your busy/free setting)
  • Tap on your calendar event to edit it
  • Tap on the "Show as" setting (near the bottom) then change it to "Free". Now the event will disappear from your Bookedin calendar, thus freeing up the time slot
  • appointment_scheduling_calendar_sync_unblocking_in_bookedin.PNG

Google calendar: 


This process is very similar when editing appointments in Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365.