Is there an iPad app?

At this time, we do not have an iPad specific app. Only iPhone & Android. But the good news is, our web app works fantastically on any tablet device including iPad!

The best and easiest way to use Bookedin on your tablet it is to add the "sign in" page as an "app icon" to your home screen. Here's how:

Add Bookedin to iPad home screen:

  • Open safari web browser 
  • Visit the Bookedin login page:
  • Tap the square icon that has an up arrow
  • Choose the add to home screen option (you might have to side-scroll to find it)
  • Now the Bookedin icon will appear on your iPad home screen!

Add Bookedin to Android tablet home screen: 

  • Open chrome web browser
  • Visit the Bookedin login page:
  • Tap the 3 dots menu in the upper-right side of screen
  • Tap on the Add to Home screen menu option
  • Now a Bookedin icon will appear on your tablet home screen!