BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

Turn on/off text reminders for specific clients

To turn on text/SMS reminders, the client's phone number must be tagged as "mobile". This can be done on the appointment, or on the client profile

Appointment Method:

  • Sign in to BookedIN web or mobile app
  • Go to clients section or click the client name on any appointment. Now edit the phone # listed in the client's profile:
  • Ensure a valid mobile # exists (either primary or alternate phone field will work)
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Ensure the mobile number is tagged as "mobile" using the drop down menu (screenshots below). By tagging the phone # as "mobile" this will activate text reminders for this client going forward. 

Mobile app view: 


Web app view: 


Appointment Method:

Client's can tag their own phone number as "mobile" when they book online: 


You can tag the client phone # as "mobile" when you book via the web app...


...or the mobile app: