Merge duplicate clients

One of the best things about Bookedin is that clients don't need to remember a password or create an account. It's fast and easy for them to book appointments without having to jump through hoops.

This means that when you have returning clients, Bookedin will recognize them and track their appointment history based on what they enter into the Name, Email, & Phone# fields of the booking form. 


For the appointment to get tracked on an existing client profile, most of the fields need to match an existing profile:

  • The "Name" field is strict. Ex "Jane Smith" vs. "Jane" -- Bookedin will assume these are 2 different people and will create 2 separate profiles. 
  • The "Phone" & "Email" fields are more forgiving since people will often enter different info each time they book. Example: different phone numbers (cell, work, home) or different email addresses (personal, work, etc). 

Once you have booked a large # of clients, over time, you may end up with a few duplicates in your list. Not to worry, they can be merged! 

Steps to merge duplicate clients & booking history:

  1. Log in to Bookedin web
  2. Go to "Clients" section
  3. Find the MAIN client listing. (ex. "Jane Smith") Note the exact NAME, EMAIL, PHONE#. 
  4. Now find the DUPLICATE client listing. (ex. "Jane"). This is the one you want to get rid of and has the the fewest bookings in the history.
  5. On the DUPLICATE client, click "View details and history" then click the "Bookings" tab
  6. Write down any appointments attributed to duplicate client 
  7. Now, to transfer these appointments to the MAIN client profile: go to the "Calendar" view
  8. Find the appointments in the calendar: click on appointment (colored box) then click "Change
  9. In the appointment details, backspace the DUPLICATE client name/email/phone information 
  10. Now type in the MAIN client info: name, email, phone. Make sure you type it exactly as noted in step 3 above. 
  11. Click "Confirm Change" then click "Yes, update existing client" This will overwrite & track the appointment on the MAIN client profile. 
  12. Repeat for any other appointments associated with the DUPLICATE client.
  13. When all appointments have been transferred to the MAIN client, the duplicate client booking history will be empty. 
  14. Now go to "Clients" section and DELETE the duplicate client from the list

We hope to make this process much easier/faster in the future. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.