Service break time

When your schedule gets really busy and your clients are booking appointments back-to-back it can be a huge scramble for you to get from one appointment to the next. It can make your day much smoother to add some "padding" or "buffer" time between each appointment. We call this break time.

The break time setting will automatically add a specific increment of padding to the end of each appointment. 

Here's how to set this up:

  • Log in to bookedin web or launch mobile app
  • Go to Settings > Services 
  • From here click or tap to Edit the first individual service on your list
  • On the service edit screen, under advanced, type in a Break time, ex. 15 min 
  • Click SAVE (web) or hit the back button (mobile)
  • Now Repeat the above steps for all of your services. Each service can have its own special break time. Ex. for 1-hour sessions you might add 15 min. break, for 2-hour sessions you might add a 30 min. break

Going forward, all new appointments will get booked into your schedule with the duration + break time. This means clients can't book back-to-back, and you'll have some space to breather in-between all of your appointments.