BookedIN Online Scheduling Software - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I disconnect or switch my PayPal account?

If you no longer want to use the payment processing feature, or would like to change to a different PayPal account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to BookedIN web (must be account owner via web login, not mobile app)
  2. Go to Settings > Business Info
  3. Scroll down and you'll see your PayPal email address. Click disconnect. 
    NOTE: if you don't see a disconnect option, this means your account owner email address is not verified. If unverified, as a security feature, the ability to disconnect PayPal gets hidden. To fix this, go to Settings > My Info, and you'll see an option to re-send the verification email. Once verified you'll be able to disconnect PayPal as described above. 
  4. To re-connect to a new PayPal, follow these instructions
  5. Finally, turn back on your payment collection settings on all services. Go to Settings > Services > Edit > Payment settings
  6. Check the Pay upfront and/or Pay Later options
  7. Click SAVE
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all other services on your list.